Interspace Industries


i2TX-L2 / L3

this new handset has been totally redesigned with the addition of a bright green, Class 2 <1mW Laser. The handset has been slimmed down and has a better fit in your hand, with a finger notch on the rear ensuring a comfortable fit, whether you are left or right handed.

Cueing Systems


MicroCue2 is the next generation of compact presentation cueing system, designed for the presenter on the move. Featuring dual USB ports for the simultaneous cueing of multiple versions of a PowerPoint presentation, MicroCue2 utilizes the renowned Interspace..

Timing Systems


Each output of Cue4 is switchable, giving the operator control over which outputs will follow the main cue or be bypassed for manual control, in the case of a fault perhaps.

Cue4 has a loop output which provides for even further expansion through the connection of additional Cue4 units, thus providing for the simultaneous control of multiple presentation versions on any scale.


The Countdown2 system can also run in normal clock mode to display real time for the benefit of presenters, attendees and technical crew between presentations if required. There are two remote display outputs which can drive any combination of digital and visual displays and either output can easily be expanded using XLR splitters; therefore providing for multiple display units if required.

Soft Countdown

Soft CountDown is a clever piece of software that allows for all the functions of our Countdown2 system to be set up and seen on a computer screen, it is easy to use and is operated with a normal keyboard and mouse.

Big Display

Large 3inch display for CountDown2. Ideal for large conference venues where presenters need discrete but clear signaling of time remaining. Digits change colour according to the timer profile programming.

CD Splitter

CD Splitter is a buffer box for our own CountDown systems. this has a single input and 4 outputs using this unit 4 (or more) displays can be driven from one output of the CountDown systems (CD2 and Soft CD

PC Bal Box                    S$185.00                                                 

Being completely passive (no batteries or external power required) and bi-directional, PC Balance Box can match unbalanced and balanced audio sources, line to mic levels, stereo and mono signals, and troubleshoot hum problems - all in one versatile and rugged unit. PC Balance Box is the simplest way to interface unbalanced computer or consumer audio signals to balanced AV sound systems. The inputs and outputs are completely isolated in either direction and by using the ‘Ground Lift' feature where required, hum problems can be easily cured.

Video Products


A simple but always necessary adapter on shows, always needed to breakout Comms' and for us we needed something to break out the Indicator2 and CountDown2 Outputs to drive more than 2 displays (see these product for details)


A rugged adaptor for BNC video to D15 connectors. Replaces D15-BNC fan-out leads which are notorious for failing when you least expect them...

Audio Products


The AV professional’s best friend with dual indicator outputs for multiple cueing or multiple indictor displays.

Traffic Light Systems


combines clear traffic-light type signaling with a simple-to-use timekeeping system. The intuitive control module has been designed especially for non-technical users so they can easily manage formal timekeeping in a wide variety of applications.


  1. Easy-to-see ‘traffic-light’ style signal lamp

  2. Lamps change colour according to the pre-programmed timing sequence

• Ideal for long distance viewing by all meeting attendees

MasterCue V6

Our Flagship product, MasterCue V6, now has 3 USB ports for multiple computers. such as Main, Back up and Next configurations. the 4 pin and 5 pin loop now on the front of the unit allows for easy access to the intercom beltpack. the V6 displays cues visually as well as producing audible cue sounds via the in-built speaker or headphone output. supplied with 2x dual button controls, the presenter can signal either next or back cues during the presentation.


Ultimate in reliability. Designed to keep working every time it is hauled out of the unit box, whether it has been dropped or sat on.



is the AV professional's trouble-shooting toolkit. Being completely passive (no batteries or external power required) and bi-directional, PXB can match unbalanced audio sources, line to mic levels, stereo and mono signals, and troubleshoot hum problems- all in one versatile and rugged unit.

Countdown Touch

CountDown Touch is another generation design for our timing products. Its features have been improved to create an easy to use product aimed at technicians themselves. Inspired by touch screen phones etc. our CountDown Touch works using the same principles.

USB Bal Box                  S$198.00                                              

Eliminates hum problems when connecting audio from your presentation computer source. Hum can happen anywhere, you don't have to be running your audio signal a long distance. Power supplies, fluorescent lights and all sorts of equipment can cause noise that is picked up by your audio input cables.


AiO (pronounced A-O) is a versatile Audio in/Out soundcard on USB. It uses the standard USB devices so does not need to have drivers. Stereo/mono output with a volume control.

2 channel input with independent clip and level controls. Mic/Line switching allows you to record a sting direct in from a dynamic Microphone and line from an audio desk.

Isolating transformers and Earth lift of course for eliminating hum.