Integrus Wireless Language Distribution System


LBB 3015/04 High Quality Dynamic Headphones

Available Models Include:

LBB 4540/04 Pocket Receiver4-channel

LBB 4540/08 Pocket Receivers 8-channel

LBB 4540/32 Pocket Receiver 32-channel

Available Models Include:

LBB 4560/00 Charging Case

for portable use

LBB 4560/50 Charging Cabinet

for fixed installation

Available Models Include:

INT–TX04 4-Channel Transmitter

INT–TX08 8-Channel Transmitter

INT–TX16 16-Channel Transmitter

INT–TX32 32-Channel Transmitter

LBB 4550/10 Integrus NiMH Battery Packs (10 pcs)

DCN‑IDESK‑D Interpreter Desk Dark

DCN‑CCU Central control unit

LBC 1259/00 Universal Floorstand

INT‑FCRAD Flight Case for Radiator

Available Models Include:

LBB 4511/00 Infra-red Radiator

medium-power, covers up to 1000 m2 (21528 ft2)

LBB 4512/00 Infra-red Radiator

high-power, covers up to 2000 m2 (10764 ft2)

LBB 4115/00 DCN Tap-Off Unit